Whiskey, Breasts & Glycerine

Whiskey, Breasts & Glycerine / Acoustic Cover by Georg Viktor Emmanuel live at Schloss Greifenburg.


Although YouTube has banned our first upload you should now be able to watch *Whiskey, Breasts & Glycerine* censorship free :) 

It's an easy going acoustic version of a BUSH classic - created with love. Many thanks to Claudia for the stylish location at Schloss Greifenburg. 

#Glycerine4good: Also this time all revenues of the Glycerine-Merch-Collection will go to people in need. Delivery is included. Look good and do good & make some people happy. 

You can also download the song for free! 


*BAD 2020*

BAD 2020, Georg Viktor Emmanuel, Vocals only electronic cover, Original by Michael Jackson


A shitty year deserves a cool cover. That's why I've created *BAD2020*. And by the way... I've done it with vocals only!  

But besides dancing to the beats you can also help a good cause and buy hot *BAD2020* merch for charity purpose. All profits go to CARITAS to help people that really are in need of support in these difficult times. Oh.. and along with the products you'll get a free MP3 file + the video for your playlist for free! So let's turn BAD into GOOD. Check out the shop below and grab a piece you like (shipping is included). Thanks a lot!  

You can also download the song for free.

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