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Looping Earth Tour 2012 - Review

Camden Town, London
Georg Viktor Emmanuel toured through 13 countries on his extraordinary LOOPING EARTH concert tour 2012. He inspired people in clubs, on festivals and on the street with his engaging performance and music, which he creates with the help of his voice only. The musician traveld through Austria, Germany, the UK, Italy, Slovenia, Croatia, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Switzerland, Belgium and the Netherlands where he played hundreds of shows in clubs, on festivals and on the streets. 

"Hotel Window Show" (WATCH VIDEO)
Amsterdam / Netherlands

"Money for nothing" - show infront of the European
Central Bank, Frankfurt (Germany)
His trademark are exceptional “public performance art” shows. For example he gave a concert on the backseat of a car while driving through the Mariahilferstraße in Vienna / Austria. He performed on a rooftop in Berchtesgaden / Germany. He played from a hotel window in the most crowded street in Amsterdam which provoked great reactions from the people on the streets and the owners of the hotel. By the way: You can watch this performance on YOU TUBE. On the last day of the tour, the 21st of December, which, according to the mayan prophecy should have become our last day on earth, he entered a balcony in Camden Town in London without any permission to perform a cover of REM’s “It’s the end of teh world as we know it”. People loved it. They danced, sang and applauded. Not so the securities, which were quite pissed first and turned him off after a view minutes. But it was worth the fun and after a while of talking also the securities had a smile on their face.

Setting up for the "rooftopgig"
Berchtesgaden, Germany

Zero, livellooped on the backseat of a car
Vienna / Austria
You will be able to see all of this and more in the cinema documentary movie LOOPING EARTH, which will be released in 2014. 

Furthermore Georg currently works on his debut studio album, which should become a unique piece of art in this sort of genre. Also in the studio Georg produces all sounds only with his voice. The beatboxer and singer will also expand his tour in 2013. Dates will be updated constantly so just stay tuned and check the event section of this website or on FACEBOOK from time to time to make sure you don't miss a show in your area. 

“I expect a thrilling 2013 and I will share everything with you on this website and via FACEBOOK. Im grateful for your support and hope to meet you guys at one of my concerts. All the best, Georg Viktor Emmanuel”


The "London balcony show", the "Money for nothing show",... and a lot more can be seen soon. LOOPING EARTH - the movie. Coming to selected theatres in 2014.